A scroll saw is a very effective handy power tool in the wood industries. And it can be used for making wooden puzzles, fancy clocks, and wood artworks as well. 

Each project may require multiple blade changes when designing. And if you don’t know about how to change a scroll saw blade, then you may get an injury.   

For your help, today we’re going to describe the best way of changing the scroll saws blade.

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So, let’s drive to the below content for more information.  

The Steps Of How To Change A Scroll Saw Blade

We have interviewed many saw experts before making this guide. And after researching on scroll saws we have listed 5 steps for users’ needs.    

Step -1 (Make sure the unit is off) 

It is one of the most important factors that you should consider when changing the best scroll saw blade. And It’s imperative that you must practice for your safety. 

Moreover, you should unplug the unit when you will change your scroll saw blade. Luckily for you, a scroll saw comes with all effective features so that anyone can change the blade easily. 

However, if you don’t turn off the power unit of the saw when you’re removing or replacing the blade, then you have an injury. So you make sure the unit is off before changing the blade. 

Step -2 (Loosen the screws or bolts) 

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It is another most important part that you need to consider when you will change a scroll saw blade. And most of the scroll saws come with two screws, bolts that are placed at the top and the bottom of the saw. So you need to loosen them properly. 

For your convenience, each scroll saw comes with a user’s manual that can help you to loosen the screws or bolts correctly. Even, you can use a screwdriver or Allen key wrench for loosening them.  

Moreover, some scroll saws also come with a lock system. That’s why you won’t be able to remove them altogether when loosening the bolts. For that, you can pull out these types of saw blades without removing the screws or bolts. 

Step- 3 (Remove the old scroll saw blade) 

If screws or bolts have been loosened properly, then you are ready to remove the blade. But in this case, you need to wear smooth gloves when handling the metal for changing the blade. 

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On the other hand, if your saw blade is broken, then you will remove each piece separately. 

However, if you don’t loosen the bolts or screws enough, then you may get the wrong direction of the blade. Even, the blade can be broken due to enough loosening of bolts or screws.  

Step -4 (Choose and insert the new blade)

You should choose a thicker or finer blade for your scroll saw. And you place the new blade direction wise. 

Basically, scroll saws come with two types of blades like pinned and unpinned. And pinned blades of the scroll saw are used for cutting large size wood. Besides, unpinned blades of the scroll saw are used for the sensitive design of wood. So you can choose based on your work. 

And after pulling out the old blade you just push the new one down to get it to lock into place.

Step -5 (Tighten the bolts and screws)

If your Saw blade doesn’t lock or sit properly, then you should use a screwdriver or Allen key wrench for tightening them.

On the other hand, if your saw is not working well, then you might have to check the blade position and adjust again according to user manual instruction.  

Final Thought:

Thanks for carefully reading this article. Hopefully, you have found all effective information about how to change a scroll saw blade. And you also have understood why a scroll saw is important for wood artworks. 

Moreover, we have outlined above some steps based on changing the blade. And surely these will help you whenever changing a scroll blade.

This article will help you all, but it can be an important guide for beginners who want to use the scroll saw.   


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