Changing a miter saw blade is fairly easy if you know exact tactics. To change the miter saws blade you just need a couple of tools.

Make sure the correct type of blade for your miter saw. Are you wondering how to change the blade in your miter saw? Won’t worry, this article will fundamentally share effective ideas on it. 

Well, you have a well-manufactured miter saw; you probably have done dozens of projects.

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If your saw is cutting slowly then you must change the blade. You can assure that your miter saw produces clean and even cuts every time by regularly changing the blade.

The List Of How To Change Miter Saw Blade

Remove The Blade Guard

As a matter of first importance, you have to ensure that you are unplugged. In the event that you are not unplugged and doing anything with a cutting edge on a force instrument – you can face a problem.

Next, loosen appropriately the screw which holds the blade protect set up. You likewise can utilize a half-inch wrench for agreeable work. 

In the wake of losing screws, you should press the miter saw’s spindle lock to put the blade safely.

You likewise need to affirm that the lock is secure while setting up this. According to the design, the miter saw lock is usually located right behind the blade near the center point of the main base.

It tends to be a little catch and move in and out. The catch of the saw can sink right down when you have a sharp edge bolted. Along these lines, you have to affirm the cutting edge is secured set up before continuing. 

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Remove The Blade

Discharge the sharp edge on a miter saw start by pulling the cutting edge protect back and out of your way next release the screw that verifies the edge monitor mounting equipment.

And ultimately, pull the equipment back this will give you access to the blade mounting screw. Next, find the cutting edge locking nail to your screw if your saw doesn’t have a blade locking pin.

You can utilize a bit of scrap wood and set the wood underneath the cutting edge and afterward drop the sharp edge down on to the wood.

If your saw has the blade locking pin discourage it and pivot the sharp edge until the pin falls into its detent. Presently the edge is bolted and you can expel the jolt effectively. 

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Utilize a well-shaped Allen wrench to turn the bolt. Fundamentally, a miter saw bolts that join the edge to the saw a clockwise way until it is slackened.

If the internal and external washers of the cutting blade, remove appropriately by utilizing Allen wrench then you can evacuate the blade. You can even utilize your fingers after Allen wrench.

Replace The New Blade

You should follow manufacturer directions when supplanting a miter saw blade. Be careful when handling the saw blade, because it’s extremely sharp.

You place the new sharp edge splendidly and afterward recall it’s the contrary way that you would regularly think to fix it. Fix cautiously around the cutting edge and ensure that your catch is bolted.


Reading this article you probably understand how to change the miter saw blade. Welcome; If you are an expert, this guide is fun for you.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner then these simple steps will help you to change a miter saw blade easily. 

In this article, we have described some of the most effective steps- these not only help you to replace a new blade but also help you to choose the best miter saw.


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