Are you looking for an ultimate guide on a miter saw? If yes, you have come to the right place for core information. 

In addition, miter saws are generally used for different types of wood projects. And it helps you to cut wood angles in straight lumber, picture frames, molding, and more. 

And each miter saw comes with adjustable blades that can cut angles up to 45 degrees, sometimes 50 degrees that depend on saw brands. 

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You know that miter saws can cut materials smoothly, but do you know how to cut 60 Degree angle on a miter saw? 

Don’t worry. We have come here with a complete guide on how you can cut a 60-degree angle on a miter saw.

So don’t be late. Let’s drive to the main content to explore more.

The Guide Of How To Cut 60 Degree Angle On A Miter Saw

We have discussed with many saw experts before making this guide. And after 2-day careful research in wood industries, we have created this guide for users.

Required instruments:

First of all, you need to collect some required instruments such as a miter saw, Wood stock for making a jig, a durable workbench, ruler, carpenter’s pencil, Gloves, safety goggles. And then you go for the next steps.  

Prepare Your Jig

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You easily can solve this problem adding a wedge block (jig) to the fence. And you will be able to cut materials 60-degree angle properly. 

Moreover, you should place your miter saw on top of the workbench and then adjust the saw 30 degrees properly. Even you need to confirm that the fence is perfectly locked at 30 degrees before cutting wood. 

If you want to get an exact 60-degree angle, then you may need a perfect 30 degrees jig. And then you need to use safety elements like gloves, goggles before starting the job. 

Cut the 60 Degree

You easily can adjust your jig against the fence making a 60-degree angle. And you also can use a clamp to secure the gig against the fence and ensure it can’t move.   

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If you have adjusted the saw to proper 30 degrees, surely you will be able to cut wood 60 degrees. That’s why you need to adjust the jig exactly for achieving the right angle of cut.         

Furthermore, you also can make jigs for your job. And the angle can be started from 1-45 degrees. 

Importantly, you can cut wood from any conceivable angle and based on your requirements. So you can apply this technique for an accurate cut on wood.

Check Your Work

If you have completed the above two steps, then you could check your work. And you should double-check before final cuts. 

In addition, you confirm 0-degree in line with the edge of your wood. And then you should follow the angle when cutting wood. Even you can read the measurement on the miter saw.

If you complete everything according to the instruction, then you may get a perfect 60-degree angle.

Final Thought:

Thanks for having the whole article. Hopefully, you have enjoyed more and found all effective information about how to Cut 60 Degree angle on a miter saw. And you also have understood why a scroll saw is important for wood artworks.

Furthermore, we have described some effective points above based on cutting a 60-degree angle. And surely above all information will help you when you will cut a 60-degree angle on wood.

This article will help you all. But importantly, it can be an ultimate guide for those users who want to Cut 60 Degree angle on a miter saw. 


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