A miter saw is a specialized tool that helps to cut a variety of angels. It is mainly used for crosscuts, molding, and trimming.

To cut a 135-degree angle you need to be familiar with the first one is the miter angle. To adjust the angle you need to use a knob and lever that is located at the front of the saw. It allows you to swing the cutting head as well as the table side-to-side. 

You also have to adjust the bevel angle and that’s done using the start-shaped knob at the back of the saw.

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As per users, a 135-degree angle cut can be too hard than the regular corner cuts. Here we have described some steps on how to cut a 135-degree angle on a miter saw. 

The List Of How To Cut A 135 Degree Angle On A Miter Saw

Step 1 – Set The Miter Saw 

The outside 135-degree corner is very much like an outside 90-degree corner when using a transition piece.

Set your miter angle to 11 and a quarter degrees for all your cuts. You can also go around the corner without a transition piece and just set your saw at a 22 and a half degrees for more details on making a transition piece follow outside 90-degree corner.  

Step 2 – Cut at 45/2 = 22.5 Degrees Angle 

You usually can see 135 corners where the two walls come together with a sharp edge either way.

Your corners can cut in the same manner. The molding is actually only turning 45 degrees each molding piece that comes together to make the corner contributes equally. So each only has to cut at a twenty-two as well as a half-degree angle.

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Step 3 – Right Angle Position

You also can cut all of the corners. To make an accurate cut you need to change the miter angle.

Therefore, if you are going to place your molding in the saw with the lip that touches the ceiling pressed flat on the saw up against the fence.

The flat part touches the wall point it out towards us for the molding coming in from the left side of the corner.

Make sure the saw to the right angle position your molding into place and make your cut with the molding coming in from the right side of the corner. 

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Step 4 – 22.5 Degree Miter Angle

To make a miter cut on the left side you simply position your saw to the left at the 22 and ½ degree miter angle position.

You mold in place and cut. You can fit together perfectly if you have two pieces of crip corners. But with the radius of your corner, you need to make some modifications at the bottom of your pieces using a utility knife. 

In addition to that, you carve out the bottom in the sharp of the carve on the wall. Now you can put them together and you probably will be done any crack between the bottom of the molding. The wall will be hidden when you finish the project.       

Final Word:

The article, I hope, will share a clear concept about how to cut a 135-degree angle on a miter saw intensely. 

We basically recommend you to cut other angels such as 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees that will help you to cut a 135-degree angle on a miter saw.

Moreover, you also can make sure some pretty clean cuts for being a cheapo blade. I think that it might have snapped blade quality up just a touch.

A miter saw is not only perfect for a variety of cuts but it also leads to a large number of manufacturers and innovation improvements.  


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