A table saw is a very handy tool in wood industries. And if you use a table saw, surely you can work cooperatively easier than using a regular saw.  

Most importantly, you can cut wood a number of different ways including the wood angle. But, we sometimes hear horror stories that a lot of craftsmen fail to choose the best table saw and suffer in the long run.

Moreover, you should be very careful when setting the saw blade to an appropriate height. And then, you need to fix the saw correct angle of the saw by using miter gauge or other tools as well. 

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Follow the right techniques when you are going to cut the wood angle. That’s why we have listed some steps here about how to cut Angle on a table saw. 

So why worry? Let’s drive to the main content to know more.      

The List of How To Cut Angle On A Table Saw

Step -1

You should use a ruler to measure out where the cut will start and end. Importantly, you should find out what kind of angle you need to cut on the wood. 

Moreover, you can easily mark by using a pencil when you’re measuring alongside the wood. Additionally, you can use a drafting triangle or a framing square and a tape measure for setting an angle. 

Step -2

You should adjust the saw’s height ¼ inches. And then you need to adjust the blade from where it sits inside the table. 

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Furthermore, you usually can set the blade at ⅛ inches (0.32cm), which can be best for straight cuts of wood but not perfect for angle cuts. So you should consider the blade adjustment before cutting the wood angle.  

Step -3

You need to set a miter gauge against the flat edge of the drafting triangle. Basically, a miter gauge is one of the most effective handy tools that you should consider before cutting the wood angle. Importantly, it allows you to hold the wood at an angle as much as you want to cut them.  

It is semicircular that has a series of markings on it corresponding to different angles. So you can easily hold the gauge against the triangle’s flat edges. 

You importantly note that when makings on the gauge, these will be used to position the wood at an angle. Moreover, a drafting triangle comes with 2 flat edges so that you easily set an angle of wood. 

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Step -4

You can test your saw by cutting some scrap wood. And you make sure the saw that can cut wood smoothly. If you want to cut a 45 degrees angle, then you need to cut 2 different pieces of wood and fit them together. 

Moreover, you should double-check your miter gauge before cutting the right angle of the wood. 

Step -5

You should push the fence toward the saw blade with your hand. And you need to place your opposite hand on the handle of the miter gauge. 

Furthermore, you go slowly to get a consistent cut of the wood. And you should avoid kickback when cutting the wood angle. 

Final Thought:

Hopefully, you have read this article with full concentration. And we think you have got enough information about how to cut an angle on a table saw. 

We are absolutely sure that the cutting angle for you is easy by using a table saw. And now you are capable of doing any type of woodworking project confidently. 

You can follow all the steps carefully before cutting your wood angle on the table saw. And you surely can finish your projects in less time.  

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