A miter is the most essential power tool in the wood industry. It has the ability to cut wood anywhere from 0 as high as maybe 60 degrees or more.

Miter saws are mainly designed to cut baseboards. From the model of the best miter saw like Metabo HPT, how much you can change on the angle of the saw back. In this guide, we will learn how to cut a baseboard using a miter saw. 

So, How To Cut Baseboard With Miter Saw

Type Of Joints

First of all, you need to know the type of joints – Let’s drive below.

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Miter Joint: It isn’t too difficult joint that can be made by only two beveled parts at 45 degrees from a 90 degrees corner. If you understand clearly then go next.

Scarf Joint: It is considered as a longitudinal joint that can be formed by attaching two tapered ends. 

Coped Joint: It can be difficult for those users who have no enough ideas. To make this joint need to cut uniformly to fit on the first end. 

Butt Joint: It is a very simple joint that can be made by two ends of the workpiece.

Required Tools

To cut the baseboard corner with a miter saw needs some tools such as Measuring tape, Pencil, dust mask, safety glasses, clamp (preferred option), Crosscut saw.    

Remember These Steps When Cutting Baseboard 

Step 1

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To cut baseboard molding you should measure carefully and then cut properly at each end at 90 degrees.

Due to the wrong measurement, the baseboard can’t be run into each side’s straight wall. Therefore, you can easily make a scarf joint if you have two pieces for the first wall.

As per research, s scarf joint that can be formed by attaching two tapered ends. It will be a great option if you cut as well as place the two boards in order to make the scarf joint. 

If you would like to cut the scarf joint in the middle, you should mark 45 degrees and cut at a stable location. 

To cut the end of the first board at a 45-degree angle you must use the best miter saw.  Hammer the baseboard in place with durable nails.   

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Step 2

You have to cut the baseboard flush at a 90-degree angle against the room wall when planning to make an inside corner joint.

For visible marks, you can use a pencil on baseboard molding perpendicular. The pencil marks will help you to find a reference point so that you can make an amazing joint.

In order to make a back bevel cut you simply cut along the framework. Make sure that just at a 90-degree angle around 1/16 inches.

In the end, you can shrink with your half around until the fits against the first one with no gap. 

Step 3

If you would like to make an outside corner, you need a miter saw. Also, you ensure the baseboard at a 45 degrees angle.

Make sure marking at the place where the baseboard can attach with other baseboards outside corner.

For an accurate finish, you can use a combination square against the surface of the wall. You simply can install the baseboard molding around your room.

Final Word:

To cut a baseboard requires minimal woodworking skills. The article will share the knowledge of how to cut baseboard with a miter saw. If you are an expert woodworker then this article is just entertaining for you but important for beginners who aim to install the baseboard molding around your room.    


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