Do you know what plexiglass is? It is a clear acrylic plastic that can be used as a cost-effective alternative to glass. Therefore, there is the possibility that you will eventually have to cut a piece of Plexiglas to customer specifications, which can be problematic. Plexiglas tends to splinter and crack during cutting

Do you like to cut plexiglass with a table saw? A table saw is mainly used for woodworking projects. However, it also can be used for cutting plexiglass or different types of acrylic materials. 

If you want to know how to cut plexiglass on a table, then this article is for you.

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The Steps For Cutting Plexiglass On A Table Saw

Cutting plexiglass with a table saw requires some additional tools that you would normally not need when cutting wood.

The most important element is a special blade for cutting plexiglass.

Measure the plexiglass

The first step is to measure the plexiglass with the measuring instrument. If the plexiglass is thin, using a table saw can be counterproductive, as it can severely splinter. So you need to mark the plexiglass with a knife for making it into two pieces. Plexiglass with a thickness of 0.25 inch and more can be safely cut with a table saw.

Choose the right blade

To cut plexiglass, you must first obtain a suitable blade for the job. Saw blades for cutting plastic usually have 60 or even 80 teeth instead of 24 teeth. This is the case with most saw blades for wood. For most acrylic projects, a 10-inch blade and carbide teeth are sufficient as they do not contain very thick plastic parts to work with.

Control the speed

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You must have to control the speed while cutting the plexiglass. It’s easy to work with acrylic, but it’s also easy to spoil it if you speed up the process. So you have to run your blade with soft pressure.


When making a picture frame, plexiglass used is likely to be very thin. Perhaps your table saw is outfitted with a sharp and powerful blade. But sometimes it can be tough to ensure that all the edges are intact. Apart from that, the blade can shatter the corner of the plexiglass if the plexiglass is weak. 

You can simply overcome these issues by following the two steps cutting system. Moreover, you also need some additional tools, for example, a piece of wood that is similar to your sheet in terms of size. You also need a cross slide and a pressure block. With this set of components, you can keep the plexiglass in place while cutting. So it will protect the plexiglass from setbacks.

Final Verdict:

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When using the table saw, safety goggles are always required, especially when cutting the plexiglass. Small plastic parts can fly, and you do not want something in your eyes ending. If you don’t know well how to cut plexiglass on the table saw and you aren’t confident enough, then do not try it to DIY. Then you can hire an expert. But if you are confident enough that you are capable, then you can DIY.


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