A reciprocating saw is one of the most effective tools for cutting wall studs or wood. And these kinds of saws come with all effective features. So you will be able to work based on your needs. 

Furthermore, the reciprocating saw is a hand-held that takes over when crowbars and hammers fail for demolition work. If you are a construction worker, then you may need a straight cut of wood or other materials as well. Actually, the best reciprocating saw has a thin blade including a short cutting surface. 

Nothing to worry if you don’t have enough idea of how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw. For your help, here we have listed some effective steps based on straight cuts. 

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So don’t be late. Let’s read the whole content for more information.

The List Of How To Cut Straight With A Reciprocating Saw

Step- 1 (Straight Cutting a Board)

You can easily cut a board by using a reciprocating saw. And you should use c-clamps to hold the piece your cutting securely to the surface. Moreover, you will get a running straight edge as well as a clamp this down into the desired position.  

You need to be sure to take the foot of your saw’s measurement when you’re going to measure to mount the fence rail or straight. Importantly, you need to clamp your rail firmly to the surface so that it can’t move during the vibration of the saw. 

Furthermore, a flat-edged foot can be the best option to hold the wood. Even, you can keep straight side pressure on the fence rail when cutting wood. 

Step -2 (Straight Cutting a Vertical Surface) 

You can follow the same technique when you’re going to cut a vertical surface by using a reciprocating saw. And you can easily take your measurements of the vertical wall and then attach a rail right to the wall with wood screws. 

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Moreover, you can apply this method to all kinds of materials straight cutting. And a fence rail is made of a 2 by 4 stud or other scrap materials with a straight edge and enough length for the job done. If you want thick enough on the edge, your saw foot will follow it without slipping out of line.      

Addition Required Features That Can Assist You 

Adjustable pivoting shoe: It is one of the most effective features that can help in making straight cuts. 

Anti-vibration handles: It is another most important feature that can reduce vibration and minimize fatigue on a shaky arm. These types of handles come with an anti-slip grip. So you can use them confidently in wet and sticky conditions. 

LED Light: LED lighting that can be used to illuminate a dark workplace. So you will be able to work in low light. 

Four-position blade clamps: You should follow this feature whenever you’re going to cut straight. And different angles have different lines of sight that will provide you more ways for cutting straight. Surely, you will be able to cut materials from additional angles.   

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Blade: You should check the durability and length of the blade when cutting wood or other materials. And if you select a good quality blade reciprocating saw, then you may cut materials straightly.  

Final Thought:

Thanks for carefully reading the whole article. So what are you thinking now? We hope you have got core information about how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw. 

Moreover, we have included all effective features and steps for a good understanding of straight cuts. We think that the article will help you all, but it can be an ultimate guide for new reciprocating saw users who want to cut any materials straightly.   


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