A couple of years back, portable table saws would be considered as poorly made units. 

But now, a large number of power tool manufacturers have developed portable table saws based on power and accuracy.

Due to standing, building contractors select table saws on job sites. Woodworkers know the limits if they have a portable table saw with a stand. 

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To make a portable table saw stand you simply cut plywood sheets as well as longboards perfectly. Construction is too hard if you don’t have enough idea of how to make a portable table saw stand.  

Keep These Steps In Mind When Making a Portable Table Saw Stand

Step 1 – Measure What You Need And Cut

Creating a portable table saw stand you just measure what you need and then mark and cut all of the boards to length.

You also need to rip the boards. With ¼ inch pine boards, you can make a nice sturdy top frame without using many materials.

By using a squire in a clamp you will be able to create a top block so that all your final crosscuts for the top frame.

Add one pocket hole that enables users to move around while they leveled out the top MDF panel with the top of the table saw work surface. 

As a woodwork professional, I’m sharing a method of leveling out the top MDF panel to the table saw work surface.

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In general, I use four legs on the outside of the top frame so that they’ll land on the outside of the base frame this will allow those legs to move freely up down as well as side to side. I can level out the top frame to the top of the table saw work surface.    

Step 2 – Rack And Pinion System

Make an opening to your rack as well as a pinion system on your wall table so that the rails can move back and front freely.

To make enough room for the rack and pinion on the table saw. You also have to consider the top frame and do that groove on the drill press which is a huge opening.

However, it will be sturdy in the end. You cut the grooves with the rack and pinion system rather large if you don’t want a tight fit. 

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Step 3 – MDF Panel

If you want some wiggle room flipping over the table saw then put it atop. The MDF panel allows you to mark and measure precisely the opening in which you need to cut out of that MDF top panel. To cut in the top MDF panel you should use the straight edge.     

Step 4 – Fix All things Before Screwing 

Before screwing make sure that this is perfectly leveled not only does the wall rack and pinion system extend out to the right but it also extends out to the left.

So you have to route a groove in this top MDF panel. For durability, it’s necessary to add some 45 degrees support.

Unconventionally you can use two more pakka holes on these 45-degree angles so that you can screw them into the top frame.  

Step 5 – Make Correct Depth Grooves 

You need to make grooves for the miter gauge. Make sure you really concentrate on getting the depth right because it slides back and forth correctly.

The depth has to be right the width can be slightly off. It will still slide back and forth as long as the depth is correct.

With precise measurements and reference edge, you will be able to make a groove perfectly.

After making front and back slots, you can actually test how smoothly slide back and forth through the slots.  

Required Tools To Make A Portable Table Saw Stand

  • A circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Hacksaw
  • 4-in-one screwdriver 
  • Hearing protection
  • Utility knife
  • Jigsaw
  • Table saw 
  • Safety glasses

Required Materials To Make A Portable Table Saw Stand

  • MDF panel board
  • Aluminum angle
  • Hinges 
  • Sawhorses 
  • 1*2 ( for filler pieces)
  • ¾ inch screws
  • Wood glue 


Reading this article you probably have gathered a clear concept on how to make a portable table saw stand easily.

You also have understood how important a portable table saw stand in the job sites.

We have incorporated some effective steps, required tools & materials these will help you to make your own table saw stand step by step. 


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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