Table saw fence is an important part of a table saw. Basically, it comes up with table saw. It’s an integrated part of a table saw.

But sometimes you need to make a new table saw fence when your old one doesn’t work properly.

Table saw fence is mainly used for ripping or cutting the materials more precisely. So it’s a crucial component for woodworking project.

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If you’d like to figure out “how to make a table saw fence”, then the following guide will help you.

The Components Needed For This Project

There are some essential tools and materials required in order to make a DIY table saw fence, such as a circular saw or jigsaw, drill, hammer, screws, wood, tape measure and so on.

Step-1: Measure the dimensions

You must measure the thickness of your table saw to make sure that the right dimensions for the fence of your table saw. With the measuring tape, you need to measure the entire table saw from the front to back. 

Step-2: Cut a piece of wood to the length of the table

Now you need to cut a piece of wood for the fence. Continue reading before cutting as you must take into account the set screw to be used.

The piece of wood should match the length of the table saw and the depth of the nut connecting the screw. Use a circular saw again to make your cut. Make sure it is accurate by measuring and marking the length on the wood, and then mark the cut with a square.

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Step-3: Cut the tips from the wooden piece (fence).

In this step, you need to cut the end caps of the wooden piece. You need two for both end of the fence. These tips will be placed at the end of the fence. So the wooden piece will remain stable during cutting. For the cutting process, you can simply use the circular saw. 

Step-4: Attach the end caps to the fence

Now it’s time to attach the tips to the piece of wood. You will use the screws of the platform to repair.

You have to make holes by using drill for screwing them into the fence. The guide holes, like the screws, must be more or less deep. However, do not forget to ensure that the hole you created is that the pilot hole has a diameter that is smaller than the cover screws to a certain extent.

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Step-5: Make sure the fence is properly fitted on the table

After making a new table saw fence, you have to ensure that it fits properly on the table. So you need to place it on the table saw in order to check the fitment. If the process of measurement and cutting is done appropriately, then the fence will fit on the table for sure. 

Step-6: Insert the threaded screw in the cap

Okay, now we have reached the last phase of making a table saw fence. In this step, you have to install the threaded pole for capturing the fence. With this pole you can attach the fence of the saw to the table so that it does not move during the cutting.

Measure first with the fence of the saw on the table. Drill a guide hole into an end cap so that the pole pass through the cap. Then screw it for fitting with the base.

Apart from that, you need to make pilot hole completely through the cap. After drilling, you can screw the pole through the cap. Afterwards, you need to add the rotating nut. Finally, your saw fence is prepared for use.


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