Have you been looking for a complete guide of sharpening a pole saw blade? If so, you have landed in the right place.

You know there are many instructions about how to sharpen a pole saw blade. 

Where to get a comprehensive guide? Don’t worry, here we have presented an extremely simple guide based on sharpening a pole saw. 

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Let’s start reading to know more advice.

The List of How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

Sharpening a pole saw blade is not a difficult task or not rocket science that you can’t understand. For your convenience, here we have listed a couple of steps about sharpening a pole saw blade. 

Use a File 

A pole saw blade sharpening isn’t a too hard task for you. You can easily sharpen your saw blade by using a file. 

Put the Pole Saw Blade in a Vice

Precisely, the bluntness of the blade doesn’t just frame sawdust but it also can affect the whole procedure during the work

You should put the pole saw blade in a vice. It increases efficiency as well as prevents you from any danger during sharpening.  Identically, it doesn’t slip or cut your hands during the procedure. 

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Moreover, you can pull the saw into a vacant position with the help of a control rope and tie so that it remains open.   

File The Beveled Blade

Secondly, you can use the file at a 45 degrees angle. And then you start filling the beveled edge of the blade.  

The slanted of a blade is the surface that has been sharpened to frame the edge. You just push on teeth to make the edge of the beveled. 

Importantly, you should file in a direction away from your body for safety purposes. Keep in mind, you must sharpen the top edges. 

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Furthermore, you should double-check whether you have sharpened all teeth or not.   

File the Saw Blade

You need to collect a little or round metal file to sharpen the pole saw blade. For good sharpening, you can utilize the little metal file just on the adjusted blade. If you need to maintain saw’s speed, then do the work of keeping a safe distance. 

Be careful when sharpening the pole saw blade. Because it can easily slip or cut your hands on the saw teeth. 

It has just been expressed that every tooth of the saw has an adjusted and straight edge. So remember the safety instructions too. 

Oil it Up

You can use oil on the blade after you complete sharpening. Oil removes all rusted metal to all the shaft saw’s joints. The oil will also help a great deal in slicing through the branches perfectly. 

Regular Maintenance

If you would like to keep your pole saw blade-like new, then you should take care of it regularly. Therefore, if you have any plan of using a pole saw for a long time, then purchase a blade sharpening tool. And then, sharpen your blade after some days.  

Use a Grinder

It is a very easy method. You can just use a grinder to sharpening your pole saw blade. Identically, it can be a less time-consuming method here. 

Final Verdict:

Thanks for carefully reading this article. I hope you have found some important ideas about how to sharpen a pole saw blade. 

You also have understood that working with a dull blade not only time spending but also it damages the pole saw as well.

Hopefully, our guide will help you all who need to sharpen the pole saw blade. Moreover, it can be a complete guide for beginners who have bought a pole saw for cutting tree branches.    


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