Table saw is an extremely woodworking tool for sure. But it’s a little expensive too. If you use the table saw extensively for your project, then the saw blades would prone to dullness.

In other words, the blades would loosen the sharpness after a certain time. With the less sharp blades, you won’t get the maximum ripping capacity.

You may know that the replacement of a table saw blade is a bit expensive. So you must have to think over how to sharpen table saw blades, no matter if you are a professional or DIY enthusiast.

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If you would like to learn to sharpen the table saw blades yourself, then this article is for you. 

The Process of Sharpening Table Saw Blades

The following steps you need to take for sharpening table saw blades yourself.

Step-1: Take aside the blade

First, you have to displace the blades safely and carefully from your table saw. You can use wrench for removing saw blades from table saw. After successful removal of saw blades, you need to take aside the blade safely.

Step-2: Start the sharpening

This is the most crucial part in this regard. So you have to do the sharpening wisely and carefully. First, you need a vice grip to make sure that the table saw will keep in place while sharpening.

Do not overtighten the vice. Because the overly tight vice wraps the blades entirely. So it can hamper your sharpening. After setting the blade on the vice, you have to mark the area that you would like to sharpen. You also know that every 2 blade points consist of a bevel.

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You just need to take your file. Apart from that, you have to hold it at 20° approximately. But you need to set it with respect to the bevel.

Then the sharpening process will be going on. You have to sharpen the both side of your blade.

Most importantly, you need to take the diamond file for ensuring the maximum sharpness.

Apart from that, you have to concentrate on the tooth tips of blade. For getting more sharpness, you just need to a few gentle strokes by means of the edge of the tooth.

Step-2: Lubricate the blade

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You must have to lubricate the table saw blades for keeping it sharp and free of corrosion. Do not make the blade over lubricated as it is sharpened enough right now. You have to make sure the lubrication process with a perfect amount of lubricating oil. 

Step-3: Reinstall the table saw with the newly sharpened blades

After a successful sharpening process, you need to reinstall the table saw with the newly sharpened blades. To reinstall the table saw, you must follow the right installation process. First, you need to loosen the vice and then remove the blade.

Then you have to reset the blade as usual by using the write components. After the successful reinstallation, you have to run a test for ensuring that the blade got sharpened well. So you need to get a sample wood and try to cut it for test purpose. If the blade cuts well, then it is okay. Otherwise, repeat the sharpening process once again.


Safety would get the first priority for sure. If you have any safety concerns with this regards, then do not do it yourself. Then you can hire a professional sharpener for sharpening your table saw blades.


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