You may be familiar with and prefer using circular saws, miter saws, and chainsaws. Do you know how to use a pole saw with a rope? Well, it can be a little more difficult to use than a normal saw, if you don’t know ways of using them.  

But where to get a user guide? Don’t be afraid. You just purchase the best pole saw with the rope. And here we have listed some of the most effective steps based on the pole saw’s actions.   

What Is A Pole Saw? 

A pole is a tool that is basically a saw at the end of the pole. This saw can be operated by a different power source such as petrol, gas, or electric battery. 

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You can increase your cutting range by using a pole saw. Most importantly, a pole saw permits you to cut smoothly. You also can frequently stretch out a pole saw up to 10 to 20 feet. 

Moreover, If you include your physical height, then a pole can reach approximately 22-25 ft. 

The Steps of How To Use A Pole Saw With Rope 

Step- 1

First of all, you should build-up and clean the area in which you’ll be working in. In addition, you need to remove all properties as well as cordon off the region or educate people not to go close to it. You also need to measure the work area and then clear it properly.  

Step- 2

Next, you should establish a plan on where and how you will cut tree branches. Importantly, you have to consider sectional cuts to reduce the weight before your final cuts. 

Furthermore, if the branch isn’t too difficult to cut, then you should cut horizontally or as close to the horizontal cut as possible.

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Step- 3

You should ensure the position of the saw and yourself appropriately. Most importantly, you can use both your hands to stabilize the pole saw.

And then you need to place yourself where you’re not directly under the branches.  The position of the pole should be perfect on the cutting spot so that you can hold the pole saw at the chest level.  

Step- 4

You can start cutting tree branches after position pole saw and yourself. Be careful, each pole saw comes with sensitive blades. If you can’t position yourself under the branches, then you can face injury. 

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Moreover, your first stroke cuts should be deep when cutting a perpendicular angle of the tree branches. In fact, your pole saw can’t be able to jump from spot to spot due to the right placement with the pole.

Step- 5

You need to start applying more pressure and speed to your strokes when the pole saw is arranged inside the groove. You must wear defensive goggles but you don’t follow the branch when it’s particularly going to fall. 

Furthermore, you should clean the area after finishing your first cut. And then you can sharpen your saw blade before your next cut. 

Final Thought:

Thanks for carefully reading this article. I think you have found some very important information about how to use a pole saw with rope. 

For your convenience, we have described five steps above based on pole saw actives, surely these will help you whenever using a pole saw.

Hopefully, this article will help you all, but it can be an important guide for beginners who want to use the pole saw properly.   


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