A reciprocating saw is one of the handiest power tools for cutting a wall stud. And the high-quality reciprocating saws come with various features that can help you to cut wood smoothly.

Most importantly, reciprocating saws are usually used for cutting wood. But If you want to cut other materials by using it, then you should attach the right blade based on what kind of material you are going to cut.   

Moreover, you should hold the saw firmly in your hand. And then you just place the blade through the materials for cutting. 

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For your help, here we have listed some of the most effective steps based on how to use a reciprocating saw. Surely, you will be able to use a reciprocating saw confidently. 

So let’s drive into the main content getting core information about reciprocation saws.  

The List of How To Use A Reciprocating Saw

Step -1

First of all, you should unplug the cord or remove the battery pack before adjusting the blade. Importantly, you never install or change the saw blade when the saw is still connected to power.

Step- 2

You select a blade based on what materials you are going to cut. Because reciprocating saws come with a variety of the blade. So you can select one based on your materials. 

Type of saw blades

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Wood-Cutting Blade:  It can be standard for cutting plywood pieces.

Metal-Cutting Blade: If you are planning to cut pipes or solid metal, then you can adjust this one with your saw. 

Wood and Nail Blade: You should choose this one when you are cutting through studs or roofing materials. 

Pruning Blade: It is one of the most sensitive blades that you should adjust with your saw when cutting tree branches.  

Step- 3

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You need to adjust the shoe to stabilize the blade. And then you adjust its length of the blade. Moreover, you should grip the sides of the shoe to press down on the buttons. And next, you carefully extend it out from the saw.

Furthermore, the blade should be at least 1 inch longer than the thickness of the materials that you’re going to cut. 

However, you don’t need to adjust the shoe for cutting all kinds of materials. You just adjust it based on your requirements.   


You should hold the reciprocating saw firmly with both hands when you’re cutting into a wall. And then you need to catch the saw handle that has a trigger at the top or back of the saw. 

Furthermore, you should keep your finger off the trigger of the saw until you are ready to make your cut materials. You always use both your hands to hold the saw during the work. 

Step- 5

You pull the trigger to bring the saw to full speed. And then you must use your index finger to lightly press the trigger of the saw so that the blade can start moving back and front.

You should hold the trigger down until the saw reaches its top speed so that you can make the fastest cut.  Moreover, you can use your ring finger or middle finger to press the trigger when you’re working with the saw upside-down. 

Also, some reciprocating saws come with variable speed settings. That’s why you should use a faster setting of the saw when cutting soft materials like wood or drywall. And you can use a slow setting for cutting hard materials.        

Final Thought:

Thanks for carefully reading this article. We hope you have found core information about how to use a reciprocating saw.

By following this guide, you have learned more difficult techniques of the saw. Hopefully, now you are capable of using a reciprocating saw.  

Want to know our recommendation? We always recommend you to wear safety equipment when cutting any materials. 


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