It can be a challenging task when identifying a portable table saw in the market. Because they come in different designs as well as sizes. 

How you choose the best quality saw for cutting wood? Well, You just need to know about product brand, quality, performance, and availability. 

Get relaxed, we have outlined a comprehensive review based on portable table saws that will help you identify the best one. 

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For your convenience, we have described several factors in this buying guide. We passionately believe that this buying guide will make the task easier for you.

Let’s start to read carefully to know more details.

There Is a List Of Some Considerable features Of Portable Table Saw 

Motor Performance

The performance of the motor is a very crucial factor when you need more power to cut hardwood. 

Like DEWALT DW745 15 amp hi-torque motor that provides incredible performance without a single trouble. So make sure your saw is powerful enough for the task. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough ideas on motors’ performance, then you gather knowledge under specialists.


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Portability is one of the most important factors that you should consider before purchasing a table saw. Surprisingly, It would be a shame if your table saw isn’t portable.  

Most importantly, the best table saws are manufactured based on overall portability. So you can use it confidently in the job site.  

Comparatively, table saws are lightweight and more portable than other saws type.  Additionally, they come with other features like wheels and carry handles that enhance the portability too.  

However, some saws come with complicated features and have no wheels. So you need to purchase extra tools to maintain them. Surely, let’s avoid them when shopping. 


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The blade is directly connected to the table saw motor. So the motor fundamentally can transfer all its power to the blade immediately. 

Therefore, you should select a sensitive blade for grooved cuts. Additionally, you also consider the left blade tilt to ensure the entire operation is much safer. 

Dust Collection

You should know that a table saw makes a lot of sawdust. However, sawdust is biodegradable that’s why cleaning up won’t be easy. 

Luckily, table saws come with the internal dust collection system. So you can gather dust easily. 

In addition, some table saws come with a dust collection bag. So you just clip onto the machine when using it. 

Sometimes you can take the dust bag off of the port and hook up a shop vac. 


You know safety is the most important feature that you should consider when purchasing a portable table saw. 

Portable table saws are mainly used in wood industries. Surely, it is nothing but a great mistake if you purchase a table saw without safety features.

Safety features, like the anti-kickback, is very crucial. Owing to this important feature the wood doesn’t get through back at the operator. 

Important to realize, safety also depends on users’ knowledge of the table saw. So you should know the controlling process of the machine. 

However, if you are concerned about adding safety, then consider a table saw with an automatic blade brake. To sum up, your basic knowledge of saw can save you when the blade encounters skin.  

Final Thought:

Thanks for reading the article with deep concentration. We have listed some of the most important features based on saws’ performance. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you to know a better understanding of the table saws.  


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