When you first hear the name “Scroll saw”, then this question surely swirls in your mind, “what does a scroll saw do?”

I guess you have no clue in this regard. But no need to worry. I will clarify the whole thing to you. Just keep reading. 

A scroll saw is designed for making complex and curve cuts simpler. And the main eye-catching thing of a scroll saw is the lightweight of the saw. 

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This saw is used frequently by woodworkers. But the versatile use of this saw makes it more preferable to people. 

But this is just a mere introduction of a scroll saw. I have more information for you in this regard. 

So, without delay, let’s start. 

Scroll Saw- What Does It Do?

If you are thinking of choosing a portable saw, then a scroll saw is the suitable one that fulfills your demand. You can easily carry and transfer the tool from one place to another. It’s an outstanding device to cut not only woods but also plastic and metals objects. 

It’s comparatively a better tool than a jigsaw and the blades are able to cut different types of materials with an accurate cut. No matter whether the objects are thick or thin, the scroll saw blades will run perfectly through it. You can easily maintain the speed of the saw. 

You can adjust the saw maximum of 90 degrees when you need a curved shape. And these saws are suitable for both miter cuts and angled cuts. 

Who Use A Scroll Saw

These saws are commonly found cutting tools and frequently used for small home improvements and decorations. Basically, these saws are designed for professional woodworkers to make perfect cuts of woods. Moreover, it’s also an effective tool for plumbers for cutting pipes. 

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Features of Scroll Saw

  1. Knob for blade tension: The knob of the blade tension allows you to adjust the blade accurately.
  2. Dust Blower: The dust blower will help you to clean off all the sawdust and keep your saw clean. 
  3. Blade lock: The blade lock has a screw that helps you to adjust the blade perfectly. 
  4. Scale for bevel cut: Scroll saw carries a scale for bevel cuts that give you a perfect measurement for cutting bevel cuts. 
  5. Speed control: The speed control feature of the scroll saw will help to maintain the motor speed based on the objects you want to cut. 

How To Operate A Scroll Saw

You know a scroll saw is an ideal tool for cutting different types of materials such as woods, plastics, and metals. But if you are a newbie, then the instruction is obvious for operating the saw flawlessly.

Now, let’s have a look at the operating process of a scroll saw. 

Step #1: Set The Adjustments

Install the saw blades and turn on the saw. Now, take a small piece of wood to test the blade adjustment and the knob of the blade tension. Make sure that both of them are properly adjusted. 

Step #2: Adjust speed control

Adjust the speed control button at the high position when you want to cut a thick or rough object. On the other hand, when you attempt to cut a thin object or make a bevel cut, then adjust the speed control button at the low position. 

Step #3: Use both hands

When all the preparations are done, hold the saw by using both of your hands. It will help you to get an accurate design.

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Step #4: Flip the material

When you need to cut the object at a 90-degree angle, then just withdraw and rotate the object. After rotating the object, cut the object again. 

Step #5: Turn off the machine

Turn off the tool after completion of cutting and remove the blades from the saw.  

Final Thoughts

Finally, when you are thinking of a portable saw, a scroll saw is the best one for you. It’s a versatile tool and suitable for making different types of cuts. 

This saw is an excellent tool for the plumbers and the house improvement workers. In fact, the precision and accuracy of this saw are beyond description. 

Hopefully, from this article, you have known what does a scroll saw do and how to use it properly. 


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