A scroll saw is absolutely an excellent tool for wood artists who are working to give different shapes to woods. However, is woodworking the only purpose of a scroll saw? 

Obviously not. People use scroll saws for different kinds of small projects such as designing anything in plastics, metals, or any other objects. And for different objects, you merely need to change the blade. Sounds great! Right?

I guess now you understand a little bit about the use of a scroll saw. But this is not enough to know about the use of a scroll saw. 

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That’s why in this article, I will try to give you a complete overview of what is a scroll saw used for. Believe me, after reading this article, you will get to know why people prefer scroll saw most. 

So, why late? Let’s begin. 

Scroll Saw- What It Is? 

Scroll saws are the electrically driven saws that usually operate with a foot pedal. The blade of the saw is reciprocating and it performs by moving up and down. It doesn’t use a blade loop just like a band saw for cutting materials. That makes it more convenient for the users to cut any kind of material. 

For What Reason A Scroll Saw Is Used? 

A Scroll saw is a contemporary tool that is basically used for woodworking purposes. This saw allows cutting some intricate and comprehensive cut which finally turns into an attractive artwork. The small and thin blade of the saw can make complex designs simpler. 

Let’s have a look at some common use of a scroll saw. 

  • Making curves
  • Making dovetail connections
  • Cutting angle
  • Thin cuts
  • Crafting complex designs

Which Materials You Can Cut With Scroll Saws? 

Well, you already know that scroll saws are used for woodworking purposes. However, woodworking is not merely the function of a scroll saw. Let’s see besides wood, which materials you can cut with a scroll saw. 

  • Metals (Note: For cutting metals you definitely need a strong blade)
  • Plastics
  • Bone 
  • Ivory 
  • Mother of pearl
  • Cork

Scroll Saw Works

You can create different kinds of projects by using a scroll saw. In fact, these saws are an amazing tool for making different types of woodwork. Let’s have a look at some common projects of a scroll saw. 

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Create a Portrait Image

A portrait image is an art that is placed on a wooden slab. These images are the image of any object and it looks like someone just draws the image on the wooden slab. 

Words Or Letters

Cutting a word or letter with a scroll saw is a simple process. This is the most popular use of a scroll saw.

Toys And Puzzles

This is another popular use of scroll saw. There are so many toys and puzzles are available in the market created by using scroll saws. Wooden toys are more popular rather than wooden puzzles. 

Decorations For Holiday

There are so many decorations for the holiday such as Christmas and Halloween are scrolled out by using a scroll saw. Trees for Christmas and Ornaments for Halloween are the common things that are created by using scroll saws. 

Items For Different Functions 

Candles, boxes for jewelry, clocks and several items for different functions are scrolled out by a scroll saw. A clock scrolled out by a scroll saw is absolutely amazing artwork and attracted by all. 

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Three dimensional (3D) woodworking

For making an effect like 3D, you have to attach several wooden pieces. And after attaching several pieces you can give different shapes as well as different designs. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, a scroll saw is a useful tool for making different types of small projects. And this is a convenient tool for small woodworkers and DIY workers. 

This saw has the ability to make different types of cuts and requires less space to set up. Just install the saw in one corner of your workshop and prove you as a smart wood artist. 

Hopefully, from this article, you clearly understood what is a scroll saw used for. 


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