The scroll saw is the most effective power tool in the wood industries. And it is typically powered by electricity and uses a foot pedal for operation. Importantly, it is able to cut intricate curves of the wood. So you can use it for your woodworking projects.  

In addition, scroll saw offers you the ability to cut every detailed design with massive confidence. And you may have wondered when a scroll saw can certainly increase your cutting abilities. As a result, you will be able to understand what is a scroll saw. 

There are also lots of factors that make it the most desirable. Let’s know in detail.

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What Is A Scroll Saw?

We have interviewed many saw experts about what is a scroll saw. And we have figured out some effective factors after researching on the scroll saws.   


A scroll saw has the ability to cut wood from the center of the materials. That’s why you can use it for making a design in the middle of your wood piece. 

Moreover, the majority of scroll saws come with a flexible arm that illuminates the work area. And a dust blower nozzle of the saw that can keep the workspace clear while someone is working. 

You easily can remove or insert a scroll saw blade. And it will allow you to interior cuts of wood without having to cut from the edge. So you easily can make curves on your wood piece by moving it through the blade in a circular motion. 


Scrolls saws are generally set up with a durable tilting table. So you can pivot your materials for designing. 

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Furthermore, scroll saws come with a dust blower nozzle that keeps your work area clean. As a result, you don’t need to spend extra time cleaning your work area.

You know each scroll saw has a durable sharp blade that can cut wood smoothly. If you don’t have enough idea how to set-up a scroll blade, then you may have an injury during work. 

You should set-up the saw perfectly before cutting wood. 

Scroll Saw Size:

It is one of the most important features that you should consider when purchasing a scroll saw for yourself. Because scroll saws come with different sizes including throats. 

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The scroll saw size is considered according to the size of their throat that is the distance from the blade to the rear frame of the saw. 

Most importantly, the throat depth fixes how large a piece of wood can be cut. And if you choose 15-3/4-inch throat depth scroll saw, then it may cut height up to 2-inch. 

Moreover, if you have large woodworking projects, then you should select saws with perfect throat size. Otherwise, you can’t design on wood perfectly without a proper throat size of the saw.  


Scroll saws are comparatively safe than other saw types. And these kinds of saws usually come with two types of blades such as pinned and unpinned. 

Unpinned blades are mainly used for the sensitive design of wood. Besides, pinned blades are used for cutting large size wood. 

You should select a fine blade based on your requirements. Moreover, you have to cut woo slower when you use an unpinned blade for designing on wood. 

Final Thought:

Hopefully, you have got all the effective information about scroll saws after reading the whole article. And you also have known why it needs for your workshop. 

We believe that now you are able to create an intricate design on wood by understanding really what is a scroll saw. And you can use your scroll saw for metal and glass projects. 

Furthermore, scroll saws come with all the latest features so that you can make amazing designs on wood. In the end, this article will help you all but luckily it can be an ultimate guide for beginners.   


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