If you are thinking of making crosscuts, bevel cuts, and miter cuts, then a miter saw is the perfect tool to fulfill your needs. However, the sizes of the miter saw vary according to the depth and style of cutting. 

But before using a miter saw, you have to make sure which sizes the miter saw you need. I guess you have no clue in this regard. Right? 

No need to worry! You are in the right place and this article is solely for you. 

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You know, it’s not a hard nut task to identify the sizes of the miter saw that you require. All you need to keep reading this article. 

Because in this article, I will try to give you a precise idea of what size miter saw do you need. 

So, Let’s start. 

Sizes Of The Miter Saw

Basically The blade size of the miter saw determines the sizes of the miter saw. And there are different sizes of the miter saw available in the market. Among them, 7.5″, 10″ and 12″ are most frequently used by the commercial miter saw users. 

However, Hitachi also offers 15″ large and mighty miter saw which is compatible with making large cuts.   

Now, let’s have a look at the different sizes miter saws to make sure which one is suitable for your workshop. 

7.5″- Miter Saw

Generally, these saws are hand-held miter saws. They are perfect for repairing and remodeling jobs. In fact, the blades that are used in this type of saws are frequently used to light jobs such as trimming woods for furniture, making frames for pictures, etc. 

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This saw also has some variations. However, all the variations are handy to use and you can handle this saw easily if you attempt to make your first cut with a miter saw. 

10″- Miter Saw

If you are thinking about more strength, speed, and precision, then 10″-miter saw will be the best companion for you. This kind of miter saw is frequently used by the miter saw users. 

With this saw, you can easily create 90-degree crosscuts in 2×6 wood and 45-degree miter cuts in 2×4 wood. Moreover, you can get a sliding arm with a 10″-miter saw and that will help you to extend the saw a few inches. 

Additionally, this saw is cheaper than the powerful saws available in the market. You can easily handle this kind of saw if you have less expertise on the miter saw handling. And the quick spinning of the blade requires less time for cutting. 

12″- Miter Saw

12″-miter saw is the perfect miter saw if you are dealing with big projects. This kind of saw is an ideal one for working with wide blocks. 

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This saw is suitable for creating 90-degree crosscuts in 2×8 wood and 45-degree miter cuts in 2×6 wood. This is also compatible with making deeper as well as wider cuts. 

So when you are looking for a saw that can make bevel cuts, then a 12″-miter saw is the perfect one for you. From 12″-miter saw, you have the opportunity to purchase a double bevel sliding compound miter saw. 

You will even get more features rather than the 10″-miter saw. However, both saws usually grab the attention of the woodworkers nowadays. 

Best Sizes Of Miter Saw Based On Job Types

  1. For Making Crown Molding

For making a crown molding, you definitely need a good quality miter saw. But, do you have any idea which size is suitable for these sorts of cuts? Well, let me describe it to you. 

If you need to make around 4-5 inches cut, then 10″-miter saw will be the best one you need at that time. 

On the other hand, If you need to make around 5-8 inches crown molding, a 12″-miter saw is the right one to complete the cut flawlessly. 

You know you can make 4-5 inches cut with a 12″-miter saw as well. But the use of a large blade on a simple and small job is costly and makes it arduous to obtain high precision. 

  1. For Laminate Flooring

If you want to cut planks for laminate flooring, then a miter saw is an obvious one for that. It’s similar to crown molding.

A 10″-miter saw is suitable for making narrow and small pieces. On the other hand, a 12″-miter saw is suitable for creating wider and large pieces. 

However, the flooring boards are made of strong and multi-layered stuff. You will definitely need a good quality blade for completing the task. In that case, a 12″-miter saw is the preferable one.

  1. For Baseboards

Creating a baseboard is the reverse process of creating a crown molding. It basically covers the lower part of the wall and only this part has a connection with the floor. 

The width sizes of the baseboard vary from 3-8 inches. And due to the size similarity, the selection of the miter saw sizes is also similar to crown molding. 

  1. For 4×4 wood

For making 4×4 wood, 10″-miter saw is the best one. Because 10″-miter saw covers this range of cutting. However, you can use a 12″-miter saw for this project but it is unnecessary to use an expensive one in such a small task. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, the cutting range of miter saws are around 3-15 inches. And 10″ and 12″-miter saw perfectly cover most of the cutting ranges. 

These two saws are not only affordable but also give you the perfection that you are looking for. 

Hopefully, from this article, you got the expected idea of what size miter saw do you need. 

Now, pick the best one for you and have fun!


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